Creativity is the ability to perform unusually, innovatively and uniquely. It can be described as being able to face a problem and create a solution that is not expected or is different from the normal.

Being creative can be shown in different ways, such as tactically or through a series of skills in the activity.

Positive Impacts of Creativity

Being creative when participating in sport is important as:

  • Doing something unexpected can catch an opponent of guard as they are not prepared for what the performer has done. This could give the performer an advantage such as:
    • Losing or getting past a marker
    • Creating space and time for themselves or team mates
    • Putting an opponent under pressure
    • Scoring a point/goal

  • Being creative can help a performer find solutions to a problem.
    • A creative golfer might come up with a solution when faced with a very difficult shot.
    • A creative tennis player may come up with an unusual but effective way of dealing with a big serving opponent.

  • A performer who is creative will keep an opponent under pressure as they will not know what to expect next and therefore will find it difficult to prepare.

Examples of Creativity