Co-operating is where you work together with others to achieve a common goal.

Examples of Cooperation in Sport

Impact on Performance

  • Working effectively to execute a tactic such as a zone defence in basketball requires cooperation. If players do not work together when carrying out this strategy then there may be gaps in the defensive structure that the opponents could exploit.

  • In doubles badminton cooperation is needed in order to cover the court effectively. An example of this is where 1 player is responsible for covering the front of the court with the other player returning shots that are played to the back of the teams court.

  • Cooperation with teammates can be seen when players provide each other with feedback during a performance. This could be to solve a problem they are having during the game or to praise the good work that a player is doing in order to develop a players confidence.

  • Cooperation is important in a range of team sports in order to:
    • Make supporting runs in order to make space or provide passing options for teammates
    • Provide passing options in order to take pressure off the the player in possession and ensure that possession is kept.
    • Provide cover if a player has moved out of their position or requires help when defending.