Accuracy is the ability to direct a ball, shuttle or any other object used in an activity to a target area with precision. A performer can also demonstrate accuracy by performing movements with precision so that they look exactly like a model performance.

Impact on Performance

Performing with accuracy will impact differently depending on the activity. Examples include:

  • Being able to play the shuttle accurately to the back tramlines in a game of badminton to put your opponent under as much pressure as possible. This may result in them playing a weak shot to the centre of your court allowing you to smash the shuttle and win the point.

  • In volleyball being able to play the ball accurately into spaces on the court when attacking will make it more difficult for the defender to stop the ball hitting the ground and a point being score. This might result in a point or it will put the defender under pressure meaning their pass wont allow his team to set up an attack of their own.

  • Placing a penalty flick in hockey accurately to the corner of the goal will make it as difficult as possible for the goalkeeper to save at the shot is as far away from them as possible. This increases the chances of the shot being successful and a goal being scored.

  • In basketball it is important that a pass is played accurately in front of a player when on a fast break so that the player can receive the pass in their stride. The impact of this is that possession will be maintained and the speed of the break will also be maintained. This means that the defence have less chance to get back into position and therefore the player will be under less pressure when shooting.

Performing technique accurately is also extremely important. The following examples give some reasons why.
  • A diver is required to show excellent accuracy in their execution of skills in order to improve the score they awarded by the judges.
  • A 100m sprinter tries to perfect accurate technique to ensure that they are as efficient as possible when running to decrease the time it takes for them to complete the race.
  • A basketball player tries to perfect accurate technique so that even late in the game when they are tired they are still able to score jump shots due to the effectiveness of their technique